Well here we are, day two with a long journey ahead but we must maintain our strength and positivity. We owe it to an awful lot of folk out there who are working tirelessly for us “fortunate” ones who get to hunker down in the safety and comfort of our homes. With this in mind we are going to carry on providing free meals to our local neighbours who are over 70, we have a lot of produce that will only go to waste and we are receiving calls frequently from elderly residents who are struggling.  We are also offering takeaway on Friday and Saturday evenings as well as Sunday lunch. 

We are also selling our fresh produce but want to support local NHS workers. For those heroes amongst us, the produce will be available from 5pm to 6pm, collection only, over the next couple of days. To cover costs the produce will be priced at a nominal fee. Items include fresh vegetable, fruit, beef, breads.

Upon collection social distancing must be observed and we would appreciate just one person to pop in when picking up items. Finally, we would be grateful to see a flash of your NHS badge to ensure we are supporting this awesome force.

Please be assured our staff are now at home, hopefully with majority of the nation. The Directors, Nick and Darryl are holding fort at The Swan and will be happy to hear from you regarding the above.

Stay safe and well everyone, with love from The Swan.

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